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Graphic design and fashion: what visual trends can be seen on the runway

Fashion and graphic design do not exist in a vacuum – both spheres change under the pressure…

sound designer
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The profession of sound designer

A sound designer is a narrow specialization in sound engineering. If a sound designer performs universal actions…

3D visualization
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What programs are used to make a 3D visualization of an interior?

In this article, I will tell you in simple and clear language about the programs that modern…

design an art
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Is design an art or not?

Our designers reflected a bit on their work. Where is the inspiration in it? How do they…

communication design
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What is communication design and why mass selection needs it

In the face of growing information noise, design plays a much more important role than the traditional…

Visual Communication
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Visual Communication

It’s not the first time to say that the site should not hang around the vast expanses…

visual design
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The impact of visual design on the user experience

When Consolidated Label, a label printing company, decided to redesign their website, their goal was to increase…

Adobe InDesign
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What Adobe InDesign is and how to work in it

What is this? Adobe InDesign is a program in which you can design pages, business cards, booklets,…

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Basic principles of visual design

Design is a science that studies human habits and thinking. It is always closely intertwined with psychology….

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