3D visualization

What programs are used to make a 3D visualization of an interior?

In this article, I will tell you in simple and clear language about the programs that modern designers use. This article is designed for beginners who want to understand what is the best way to make 3D visualization, and what other programs are needed for this purpose.


Electronic drawings are made in the program AutoCAD. They are where interior design starts. Usually, the designer in AutoCAD makes a whole album of drawings, including various plans, exploded views. And for 3D visualization, you need a measurement plan of the room, a plan of arrangement of furniture. In principle, you can do with a hand-drawn plan with all the necessary measurements. But the plan, drawn in AutoCAD, will be easier to translate into a 3d-model for further work.


This program is somewhat similar to AutoCAD, but more complicated, since it is oriented more for architects than for designers. But some designers also work in it, because Revit allows you to make projects of interiors using BIM technology. If you tell in plain language about this technology – a single information model of the interior (or architectural oobject) includes both drawings, and 3d-models. In practice this means that if you correct something in any of the drawings, the changes will happen in all the drawings automatically. This is not the case with AutoCAD, as each drawing is corrected individually. If you design the interior design in Revit, you can get both the drawings and the 3D model of the interior box at the output.

3Ds Max

The most famous and widespread program among interior designers. In 3Ds Max, you can make 3D models of any complexity, ranging from an interior box, ending with decorative elements and furniture. And the most obvious advantage of interior design in this program – the presence of extensive libraries of 3d-models (like 3ddd.ru) specifically for this program. And this is very important, since greatly accelerates and simplifies the visualization of the interior.


This is not a full-fledged program, as 3Ds Max, and a special module that connects to 3Ds Max and is responsible for photorealism. The fact that in the 3Ds Max, all 3d-models originally did not look very realistic, schematic. And the VRay module helps to apply realistic materials (glass, plastic, metal) to models, adjust the lighting and get a picture at the output, almost unlike a photo. In the description of the program 3Ds Max I said that there are libraries of ready-made models for the interior (furniture, accessories, etc.), and so – at least half of these 3d-models already contains the VRay materials set up, that is, completely ready for the final rendering. That’s why VRay is so popular among designers.


Also pluggable to 3Ds Max module, the analogue of VRay. Only Corona easier to set up. Also, there are quite a few ready-made 3d models with configured materials for Corona. This module has also a very high popularity among designers, recently even ahead of VRay.


In this program, carried out post-processing visualization, ie, made the final touches on refining the final image, such as retouching, color correction, and others. For these purposes, Photoshop is used mainly by designers working in the VRay system, because Corona has a good built-in post-processing module.

The most practical way to study the bunch of programs AutoCAD + 3Ds Max + Corona. This is enough for full work in the field of 3D visualization of interior design. And this bundle of programs today can be considered as a generally accepted standard in 3D visualization.

3D visualization

How can I make my room 3D?

This is a question that many people ask themselves. Fortunately, there are some methods that you can use to make your room 3D. One of the easiest ways to do this is to hang up some pieces of paper that have shapes on them. There are many shapes to choose from, such as stars and planets, and they come in a variety of colors. You can also hang up pictures with a lot of detail or use posters with different patterns on them.

How do you visualize a room design?

There are many ways to visualize a room. Some designers use sketches, drawings, or hand-drawn renderings. Others may use 3D renderings, which can be created with a variety of software programs.

The best way to visualize a room design is by using computer generated 3D renderings. These types of renderings allow the designer to see the finished product in an interactive and immersive way that cannot be achieved with other types of rendering methods.

How do I create a virtual room?

To create a virtual room, you need to create a room in your physical space and then use an app to simulate its appearance.

There are many ways to do this. One way is to use the “VR mode” of your phone’s camera and point it at the space where you want the virtual room.

Another way is to get an app that simulates a virtual reality environment for your phone, like Daydream or Oculus Rift.