The best apps for creating infographics on iPhone and iPad

Infographics are defined as a really valuable visual communication tool. Collect images, data visualizations, bar charts and pie charts. What really matters is not having a lot of information in front of your eyes, but having it be visual and not intimidating. This can be accomplished with many apps on the iPhone and iPad.

The key points in these apps are

In the App Store you can find many different options for creating a resource of this type. As is logical, it should be noted that you should always have access to the best option, and this is something that can be done by tracking different points. For us, the most important thing is the following:

  • The amount of resources available : If you are a person who does not have much imagination, you will have to use applications that have a large resource bank. This translates into different templates created by experts that can be adapted to what you are looking for. But in addition, priority must be given to the use of different fonts, as well as visual elements that can be used on a background that starts from scratch.
  • Subscription system : as in many cases, you will be able to find different applications with a payment system so that developers have a financing system. But you should prioritize those apps that are open to all users. If you are a person who does not want to make professional infographics, this is certainly something you are very interested in.
  • How to export the result: you want the result you get to be of high quality to print or share. This is why you should give priority in this case to applications that bring images to print or post to social networks.

Canva: the best graphic editor you will find

This is an app that you undoubtedly know how versatile it is. It is presented as a simple and fun constructor that allows you to work with your videos and photos. From creating an Instagram post, designing a new logo, creating a fully customizable infographic. The app launches from a free mode where you’ll have different totally free resources. If you want to go much further, though, you’ll be able to access a much larger library.

Using Canva, you will be able to design everything or use a customizable template . It should be noted that in free mode you can have 60,000 XNUMX completely free templates created by professional designers. To them you can insert quotes, phrases or text that you want. You can upload images from the device gallery or choose one from the Canva library.

It has a built-in image editor to add color filters, change brightness or apply vignette effects. Infographics has a fully differentiated section to have a standard size for this type of creation. You will surely be the envy of any type of company, because with the touch screen you can quickly manage all the resources. At the end, you will be able to export the result in maximum quality.

Other options we recommend

While Canva is one of the great options we’re going to show you on the App Store, you’ll also find a very wide variety of options besides that. Many of them are of great quality, and we’re going to show you the most interesting ones.


This app includes an extensive collection of infographics designed for Apple Core Report, Pages, Microsoft PowerPoint, Word, Documents and Google Presentations. These are many tools that we all use on a daily basis to be able to work comfortably. That’s why you have access quickly and, above all, for free. It’s really easy to use because it will automatically merge with the rest of the applications.

When you log in, you will be able to find a large number of categories. These include country maps, charts, timelines, icons, process charts, graphs, funnels… It saves you time in real time, presented in a convenient format. It will make you find all the items you want quickly, and thus you will increase your productivity.

Page toolbar

Once again we come across an application that perfectly complements the word manager Pages . Ideal if you have thousands of customizable elements and millions of ways to combine them. You’ll find fully elaborate templates as well as impressive infographics, which in this case is what’s interesting. Everything can be edited into templates designed by real experts. This also includes clipart and markers. This will give you a different perspective on the pages.

This is a free app to download . It has free samples for any type of user who has Pages installed on their iPhone or iPad. Likewise, all the items you see that you are interested in can be purchased individually or together. Without a doubt, it’s a great way to enjoy Pages to have access to a large number of designs that will make your infographics perfect.

Designer: Design Graphics.

Start with more than a million designs and join 250,000 new users every month for free. That’s what the developers of this amazing design app promise. From social media posts and ads to infographics and book covers. It will let you do just about anything on your iPad as well as your iPhone, since it’s multiplatform.

It is highly recommended that you get access to this type of app because you will have access to millions of copyright-free images, fonts and icons. This is ideal if you are going to publish infographics on social media or on your website. Added to this fact is the availability of several fonts and graphics that are available for free every day. If you don’t have many creative ideas, you can use ready-made templates for any purpose, designed by real professionals.

Poster Creator.

This app lets you create your best infographics or posters with over 5,000 XNUMX templates available . Modify all that text or icons to get the most personalized experience possible. You should know that initially we are dealing with a service with a free price, but you will have to pay for some templates. The builder offers a fantastic experience for any social media marketer.

The app will help you make your infographic as creative as possible . Thus, they will recommend a catchy headline, a clear message and, above all, clear typography. The latter is really important, as it will allow you to catch anyone’s attention. There is a wide variety of fonts that will adapt to your personal taste.

Flyer Creator

A service that will allow you to have access to templates of posters, flyers and at the end of different infographics. If you own a business, you will certainly have access to a lot of customized content. You should know that it has over 5,000 different templates . You will only have to choose one that may be close to what you are looking for and you will automatically start editing the elements you find.

As a professional image editor, you will have the possibility to use different layers. Thus, you can customize any image you have in your infographic. The most interesting thing is that you will not need any design skills. There are many situations where you can find whatever you need. At the end of the process, you can export it with maximum quality to print or share it on personal or professional networks.

Keynote Toolkit

While Keynote may be an app designed for presentations at work or school, it has other uses. In this case, we can find an app that enriches Keynote , which is a basic tool in every iPhone or iPad. Once you get into Keynote, you have different templates, but the truth is that they can be quite short with different aspects, such as the size of transparencies.

This comes as a free download with samples in each of the categories. But of course developers have to eat too and some resources will have to be mined up front. Obviously, there are many categories to be found in this case to suit your particular situation. That’s why you’re going to enrich the Keynote program in this way.

Who would we stay with.

It has been seen throughout this article that there are many options for creating infographics on handheld devices. If you ask us which one we trust, we’re left with two. The first, how could it be otherwise, is Canva . It has all the tools you need to do basic editing tasks, even if you don’t have the knowledge to do so, so you end up with more than acceptable results.

But in addition to Canva we also find Designer, which has a really interesting graphical interface. In a very simple way, you can create any type of infographic that you offer, and don’t get discouraged on the path you’re on. Without a doubt, this is something really interesting to consider, as it also has a pretty low price that you can take into consideration.