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What is ecodesign and why is it important

If you don’t work in design, you may think it has nothing to do with you. But…

motion design
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What is motion design, where and how is it used?

Today we will talk about what motion design is and where it is used. We will also…

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The best apps for creating infographics on iPhone and iPad

Infographics are defined as a really valuable visual communication tool. Collect images, data visualizations, bar charts and…

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What is kerning in graphic design

Have you ever heard of such a concept as text kerning? Maybe you’ve read about it and…

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Graphic design in interior design

Design is a drawing, project, drawing, sketch. If you combine the terms graphics and design, you get…

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What is the purpose of illustration in graphic design

What is an illustration, where does it occur, and why a custom one is super and a…

graphic designers
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What do graphic designers do? A detailed look at this creative career

From billboards and product labels to laptops and smartphones, graphics are everywhere. Brands big and small use…

digital strategy
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Developing a company’s digital strategy: about the steps, examples and importance for business

In order for the impact on customers online to be fruitful, it is necessary to develop a…

Visual communication
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Visual communication: what it is in design and advertising

Imagine that you find yourself in an unfamiliar subway station. In front of you is a long…